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Aug 10

My 2 Cents on Selling User Experience

Over the past couple of months a handful of our clients have been interested in learning more about our creative process and how user experience affects the culture of our organization.  So along the way I have compiled a deck of slides and thoughts on what user experience means to Clarity.


These slides are partly inspired from trends I’ve gathered from  around the industry and partly based on how Clarity embraces user experience to sell software solutions.  I would like to give credit to Whitney Hess and her blog “pleasure & pain” as it continually serves as a great source of inspiration.

The Slides

In short, my slides try to answer the following questions:

  • What is / isn’t User Experience?
  • What does User Experience mean for business organizations?
  • What are some Practical steps for embracing UX as a culture?

You can view them inline below, but I would encourage you to download the power point file as it contains notes that make the otherwise stark slides make sense.


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