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      Dec 10
      Moving calls between conferences in UCMA 3.0

      From time to time, someone asks me whether there is a way to move a call from one Lync conference to another using UCMA. In other words, they want their UCMA application to be able to take someone who is connected to Conference A, and cause that person to suddenly be connected to Conference B. […]

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      Feb 10
      Invisible OCS conference participants

      Many of you, since encountering OCS 2007 R2 and its trusty sidekick server-side API, UCMA 2.0, have been wondering, “How do I spy on people and secretly record their audio conferences?” Luckily for you, to complement its delightfully straightforward automation of SIP messaging, UCMA 2.0 has a rich array of covert operations functionality. That may […]

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      Oct 09
      BeginDialOut with Office Communicator Clients

      Recently I was working on some code to invite new participants to an A/V conference, and learned about some Office Communicator behavior that may throw you off if you are trying to dial out to a URI. The AudioVideoMcuSession class exposes a BeginDialOut method which tells the MCU to dial out to a particular URI […]

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      Jul 09
      Accepting transfers and forwards in UCMA 2.0 applications

      what happens if you let UCMA clean your house The layer of abstraction that makes UCMA 2.0 such a powerful tool can also, once in a while, be dangerous. If we’re not careful enough, we can easily get the idea that the API will take care of everything for us: SIP messaging, media negotiation, presence […]

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      Jun 09
      Programming for Unified Communications Book is Out

      This long-awaited volume on Unified Communications development, which covers the Office Communicator Automation API and the Unified Communications Managed API (both Core and Workflow SDKs), has been released and is shipping. You can get your copy at, and check out some excerpts while you’re waiting for it to arrive. The book was written by […]

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      May 09
      Some (paper) resources for Unified Communications development

      I am at TechEd this week, where we are announcing our new presence-powered real-time expert finder, Clarity Connect. I wanted to point out two books that are great resources if you are doing any kind of development with the Microsoft Unified Communications platform. The first is the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Resource Kit. This […]

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      May 09
      Escalating an AudioVideoCall to a conference in UCMA 2.0

      If you’ve ever tried to escalate an AudioVideoCall to a conference, you will know that it isn’t the smooth, carefree experience that the words “conference escalation” call to mind. It has its pitfalls. Take a look at the following code: At first glance, you might expect this code to cheerfully bump your AudioVideoCall up into […]

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      Apr 09
      Transferring calls in UCMA 2.0, part one

      College students, like very small children, are easily entertained. Back in my college days, I always thought it would be fun to play with the campus PBX phone system by calling a classmate and then transferring the call to a random professor as soon as they answered the phone. The ensuing call would go something […]