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Consultant at Clarity for 9+ years, specializing in all aspects of web development and distributed applications. In my spare time, I like to garden, cook, homebrew and play music. Currently learning to homestead in Vermont, keep track of that process at

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      May 11
      Debugging partial classes for WCF proxy classes

      This is one of those posts that I’m partially putting up here so I don’t forget this later. I’m currently working on a data integration project that involves the basic process of sending and retrieving data from a third party web service.  When retrieving data, the Service Reference creates proxy classes for the objects being […]

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      Jan 11
      Playing around with Orchard CMS

      Had a little time today, so I decided to check out some of the new stuff that’s been coming out in the Microsoft web space lately.  Was going to play around with the Razor view engine in MVC3 a little (and probably still will), but got sidetracked checking out Orchard. Orchard is a free, open […]

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      Jan 11
      What’s up with HTML 5?

      One of the consequences of being on a project for a few years is that you tend to get really good at the specific technologies needed to write the best applications for that project.  And you tend to miss out on some other stuff, unless you want to spend all your weekends keeping up.  There’s […]

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      May 09
      Web Platform Installer Review

      Earlier this year Microsoft released the Web Platform installer, currently available in version 1 or as a version 2 beta. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days and I think it is generally a step in the right direction.  If you are doing web development on the Microsoft platform, it’s well worth […]

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      Oct 08
      Commerce Server 2007 MSDTC errors and NetBios

      So i’m working on an e-Commerce project with Commerce Server 2007 and we had one developer machine that was having issues with the MSDTC transactions used by the pipelines. We took a look at all the obvious stuff like the DTC settings on each machine, turning off the local firewall (at least for development) and […]