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      Apr 10
      SQL Saturday #44 – Huntington Beach – Recap

      What a great day. It was long and tiring, but rewarding in so many ways. On Sunday morning, I was driving home and I decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway from Huntington Beach.  It was a great chance to exhale and just enjoy the sun and smells of the beach (I really love SoCal […]

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      Mar 09
      Someone call a Weatherman, the Clouds have shifted

      In a move that I think is great from feature perspective, the SQL Server Data Services team has made important changes to the SQL Data Services feature.  Essentially, the team is moving away from the namevalue pair implementation that was released with CTP 1 and is moving to a full relational database model.  You can […]

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      Feb 09
      Roundup (2/15) – Things you might find interesting…

      So I see all these great posts during the week and I think, “I wonder if everyone else is seeing this post, this is good stuff”.  Usually, I read it, file it away and think, “Yeah, I blog about it tomorrow”.  So here are some posts from the last week or so that I thought […]

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      Feb 09
      Upcoming SoCal Tech Events

      In a follow up to Lynn Langit’s post here, I figured I would I add the details on the SQL Server Users Group and also add a few other events.  I was sad that the Vista for ITPros event was sold out, but I am looking forward to hitting up a couple of the events. […]