Feb 11

MotherEffin HTML5 Boilerplate MVC 3 Site Template


This past week I’ve been reading up on the HTML5 Boilerplate project by Paul Irish (of the Google Chrome and jQuery teams fame).  The HTML5 Boilerplate project is a collection of all the best practices for modern day web development in one easy to use project template.

I’m starting a new MVC 3 project and I wanted to incorporate some of the HTML5 Boilerplate practices so I can write awesome cross browser code. After a quick google to find out if anyone had already done something like this, I found nice blog post about an open source HTML5 Boilerplate MVC project template on GitHub that was based on the latest release of HTML5 Boilerplate.  It was a little out of date since the final release of MVC 3, so I updated it a bit and decided to package it up for the Visual Studio Online Gallery.

So, if you are looking to make an HTML5 Boilerplate .Net MVC 3 Site, just start up Visual Studio, go to New Project, select Online Gallery and search for “MotherEffin HTML5 Site” (I guess you can just search for HTML5 Boilerplate, but MotherEffin HTML5 Site sounds better).

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