May 10

Windows Phone 7 Prototype 002: Animated Page Transitions + Writeable Bitmaps

Motion is a key part of WP7 application development. Without motion, the WP7 UI is just a bunch of text. Not nearly as exciting. To delight users, you can add some transitions between pages.  The sample app includes some storyboards to animate between two pages. Other people have noted that you can just use the transitioning content control form the SIlverlight toolkit. Peter Torr also had a nice animating frame control in his mix demo code (his blog has some other great code samples for WP7 app dev). I took some of those concepts and the code from the TransitioningContentControl to make a new animating frame control.

In this prototype, the frame takes a snapshot of the old content and the new content using writeable bitmaps and animates the snapshots and then replaces those with the actual page. The benefit is smoother animation on pages with lots of controls. Otherwise, if you have a large panorama, it might not animate that cleanly.  Like the other solutions based on the TransitioningContentControl, you can centralize all the animations in one place and not have to handle them on each individual page. Peter’s code also had a nice snippet for choosing the animation based on the navigation direction so you could just have a forward / backward animation and not have to do anything on each page.

You could also probably add some more advanced transitions using pixel shaders or make an default no transition state if you wanted to have some specific animation on a page where individual  controls transitioned out differently like some of the WP7 shell apps.

Sample Code – 100% guaranteed to work on my emulator

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