Oct 09

TwtMyCard Upgrade: Now Featuring More Oomph

TwtMyCard was down after some brief problems handling the new geo-location features in Twitter. This is what I get for using someone else’s Twitter library :,,)

While it was down I added some caching and other performance improvements.  It’s at least 50% faster to send business cards. Maybe even 51%.

I also added the oomph plug-in to the app based on a suggestion from Karsten Januszewski. If you had IE with oomph installed previously, you saw a little icon in the upper left to bring out a microformat overlay. Now TwtMyCard has the oomph plug-in embedded so all browsers can get the same microformat goodness.


If you have features you’d like to see added, use the feedback tab on the site. This weekend we may make some upgrades to support web finger.

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