Sep 09

Gadfly Upcoming Features

We’ve had a LOT of great feeback come in regarding Gadfly the past few weeks, thanks to everybody that’s made an effort to tell us what they love, hate and want to see in the future. I thought it was only fair to publish a list of upcoming items, both to whet your whistle and to commit me to getting them done in the very near future. Does anybody say “whet your whistle” anymore?

Upcoming Features:

  • Short URL preview control: This is going to be above and beyond any of the basic URL un-shortening previewers around today. We see this as a dynamic user control that pops the full, original url, some sort of page preview or screenshot of the destination, site metadata, and maybe even some video. Ever been stung by people shortening malicious links? With Gadfly, those days will be over. I can’t wait to get this control in place.

  • Threaded Conversations/In-Reply-To Tracking: This is a must-have that’s been requested by multiple users… we’ll be adding support for tracking a conversation by displaying a chain of tweets that have been involved in a “reply-to” thread, aka a Twitter conversation.

  • Drag and Drop Groups: A lot of requests for this one.

  • Trending Topics: I’ll come clean: I didn’t think people used these as much as they do. They’ll be in place soon.

  • Enhanced Geolocation Functionality: We have some ideas to make this more clean, more accurate and more fun. Also there may be some upcoming changes to the Twitter API that will enable Gadfly to do more with the raw geolocation data we currently generate.

  • Out of Browser Authentication: Gadfly already supports multiple Twitter accounts. These are fully functional in the web browser… but currently in the installed OOB version you can only access accounts you registered with Gadfly from the browser (so you can’t add new accounts directly in OOB). Looking for ways around this, but tough without the HTML Bridge available. I do have a method that works (click a tweet link in OOB)… so maybe this is possible.

  • Skinnable Gadfly. We’ve tossed around the idea of making Gadfly skinnable. A few requests for this and a very cool way to make it “yours” and show off some design skills. I’d love to host a Gadfly Skin library at some point. Creating a Zune-like skin would be one of our first attempts at this. GadZune. Flypaper. If you name it they will come.

Upcoming Bug Fixes:

  • We are aware of some issues with the Tweet controls inside the panels,where the profile pic floats a little bit to the side.
  • Quite a few minor tweaks will be included in the next release to continue stabilizing the Gadfly Beta.

And remember: we’re still listening and will be pushing a build soon,so keep feedback coming via comments or on Twitter @steveholstad or @gadflyclient

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