Jan 08

Architecture Journal Reader – Beta Released

I love reading the quarterly Microsoft Architecture Journal.  In the past I have usually read the PDF version of the Journal although sometimes I would read the print version as well.  It’s great for its lack of advertising meaning if I am carrying the print version I am not carrying around half a pound of advertising.

In November (so I am a little behind – with good reason though), Microsoft released a WPF Architecture Journal Reader that you can download that allows you to read every issue of the Architecture Journal along with searching.  Even better it synchronizes with the content feed to automatically download new issues when they are published.  You can also get some more information from the blog of the Editor-in-Chief Simon Guest.

Overall, I would welcome this format for all my publications.  I am not sure that I would want a separate application for every magazine, but if I could get all my print subscriptions in this format I would love it.  There are certain times when I would not be able to use the format (plane takeoff and landings, probably being the main one), but for those certain circumstances I could print out a few articles to read during that time.  Moving subscribers over to a medium like this would seem like a win-win for magazines.  Lower (read: none) printing costs, lower distribution costs and a much more flexible format in terms of the number of articles and layout of the magazine.

I would love for some of my other publications to be distributed in this format.

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