Jun 07

Silverlight Screencast, San Diego Code Camp, Slickdeals

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, there is a lot of excitement in the Microsoft developer world around the recent release of Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1 alpha. While excitement is plentiful, a good overview with examples is a little bit harder to find. To help you out, two of my co-workers recently gave a presentation on Silverlight to the Chicago .Net Users Group (CNUG). This presentation includes a broad overview of what’s included in Silverlight, some code samples, a look at the developer experience and some ideas about how Microsoft plans to promote this new technology. In a pleasant convergence, a screencast of this presentation is available on Clarity TV, a new section of our homepage that uses Silverlight to deliver video content.

In terms of live instruction, I’m looking forward to the upcoming San Diego Code Camp here in America’s Finest City (and one time home of Ron Burgundy). The Code Camp is a community organized event with speakers drawn from the community leading sessions of the latest and greatest in .NET. It takes place June 30th and July 1st at UCSD. I’m hoping to attend sessions on: XNA, the Dynamic Language Runtime and WPF. I heard good reviews of it last year and it being free to attend is a nice selling point as well.

I’ve been working a lot with virtualization products recently, which is a great way to try out an OS or particular configuration if you don’t have a bunch of extra computers available. However, I always keep my eyes open for deals on secondary machines and there have been some real good ones recently. As Intel prepares to cut prices on its line of chips,vendors are apparently trying to clear out their old inventory.

For the do it yourselfers out there,Arstechnica has a new guide to building a budget PC. For $500 you end up with a pretty powerful multi-core machine. For the lazier among us, Dell has been running some deals on its lower end Dimension PCs. Recently there has been an AMD dual core machine for around $250 (without monitor) and today there is a Core 2 Duo machine (again no monitor) for around $350 shipped. So if you are in the market, now seems like a great time to pick up a relatively cheap second computer that is actually quite powerful. I check slickdeals every day and they keep on top of the latest deals, particularly from Dell. Happy bargain hunting!

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