Nov 05

Internet Explorer”s Developer Toolbar Beta 1

The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta 1 refresh was published on 10/31. From what I’ve seen, this is very similar to the Firefox plugin. This is still a Beta, and I’m hoping Microsoft will add client side script debugging, as Firefox’s JavaScript debugger has been helpful in my latest efforts: creating XSLT and JavaScript based web applications.

One feature that can be really useful is the ability to outline div blocks and table cells. However, when I tried to use this feature on a page that still uses IFrames, the outlining was ineffective at best. It is a nice tool to have for when you are attempting to create cross-browser styling, as it was frustrating to be able to see what was happening easily in Firefox, while guessing at times within Internet Explorer.

I think its worth a try, and you can get it here.

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